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Rai Saddle 

Gill Prentice
A key risk-spot on SH6 between Blenheim and Nelson has undergone a challenging realignment. Hugh de Lacy reports. NO FEWER THAN 20 people have died

In memory of Pauline

Charles Fairbairn
This article first appeared in Contractor February 2017. MARY SEARLE BELL looks back on the award-winning career of Pauline Nobbs, who led the traffic management
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A day at Christchurch’s Avon-Heathcote Estuary

Charles Fairbairn
Repairing and widening the roads around Christchurch’s iconic Avon-Heathcote Estuary posed many interesting challenges, not all of them anticipated, as CHRIS MACANN explains. FOR MANY,
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The Ferrymead Bridge: A classic lesson in bridge repiling

Charles Fairbairn
The piles on Christchurch’s Ferrymead Bridge would never survive a decent earthquake, the experts said – and then one arrived and proved them right. Hugh
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Auckland’s missing link

Charles Fairbairn
AUCKLAND’S $2.5 BILLION City Rail Link project passed a milestone in April, with the appointment of two construction consortia to commence the first phase of
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Transport Agency projects: Higgins sets roundabout straight

Charles Fairbairn
Two and a half years after 31-year-old American tourist Kallan Stithem died at a notorious King Country intersection while on his honeymoon, the New Zealand Transport