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Project Roading

More than a highway

Jonathan Whittaker
Akin to a giant jigsaw, a transport project made up of interlinking and diverse parts is being constructed in Auckland. Richard Silcock reports. Known as
NZTA project

Transmission Gully taking shape 

Gill Prentice
It’s just over two-years since enabling work and construction of Wellington’s Transmission Gully Motorway began and it is forging ahead despite the difficult terrain and
Contractor NZTA project Roading

Transmission Gully Motorway progressing well

Charles Fairbairn
There’s been some significant progress made constructing the $850 million Transmission Gully motorway that is beyond the public gaze. RICHARD SILCOCK checks out progress. SCHEDULED

Built for water fun: Wero Whitewater Park

Charles Fairbairn
This article first appeared in Contractor magazine’s December issue. Some large community water infrastructure projects are built just for the recreational fun of it.