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The early Allis-Chalmers HD-16

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One of the most popular of all Allis-Chalmers’ track-type tractors, the D8-sized model HD-16, first appeared in 1955 following the discontinuation of the former model...
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The legendary LeTourneau Super C Tournapull

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Apart from the track type tractor, perhaps no other earthmoving machine advanced the art of dirt moving, lowered cost-per-yard, and changed the way contractors thought...
CaterpillarClassic Machines

Continuing the Legend – The D342 powered Caterpillar D8s

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Caption: New Zealand-based Caterpillar D8H-46A series of the Ministry of Works on a hydro project “somewhere in NZ”. This tractor is equipped with a cable-operated...
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Schield C-35 Bantam excavator

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Wanting a cheap and versatile cable-operated excavator capable of performing multiple tasks including backhoe, face shovel, dragline, crane or clamshell? Look no further than the...