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The LeTourneau Tournacranes

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While a great many of LeTourneau’s inventions were designed for earthmoving purposes, some of his creations had very practical applications elsewhere. By RICHARD CAMPBELL There...

The Wabco 229 Series – End of a long lineage

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In a successful attempt to keep up with the competition, Wabco finally incorporated full hydraulic controls into the Model C Tournapull. By Richard Campbell. Starting...

The Allis-Chalmers 260E scraper

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The Allis-Chalmers 260E elevating scraper was one of the quartet of elevating scrapers which appeared in the mid 1960s to challenge LeTourneau-Westinghouse’s dominance in the...
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Motor graders of LeTourneau-Westinghouse

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Prior to its acquisition by Westinghouse Air Brake Co (WABCO), RG LeTourneau Inc, had tried unsuccessfully to design and develop a motor grader to complement...
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Hancock’s elevating scraper pioneer

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Many of the machines used in earthmoving today were born out of the need for a specific tool to carry out a local task. Necessity...