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Evolution of the Single Axle Scraper

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Grand-daddy of all the scrapers (apart from the horse-drawn, wheel-less Fresno type), the single axle scraper has a niche in the history of earthmoving and...
CaterpillarMotor Graders

Caterpillar’s No.12 motor grader

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What makes a classic motor grader? Looks, ability, ease of operation and longevity are all pertinent factors as are resale value if you’re looking to...

LeTourneau’s Model C Tournatractor

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Always the innovative thinker when it came to earthmoving equipment, Robert LeTourneau came up with the idea of the Tournatractor in 1946. By RICHARD CAMPBELL...
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The history of the towed scraper

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Before the motor scraper there was the towed scraper – one of the first types of bulk earthmoving equipment to be invented.   RICHARD CAMPBELL looks...