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Perspectives 2019: Let’s not become a BANANA republic

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By Wayne Scott,  joint chief executive of the Aggregate and Quarry Association AQA and MinEx, the Mining/Extractives health and safety organisation. We seem to like...

Solving pavement water damage

Vijay Naidu
New research is looking for affordable methods of waterproofing our road surfaces. 
RICHARD SILCOCK explains a four-year research project in progress. WITH ROAD FREIGHT volumes...
Heritage NZ New Zealand roads

A concise history of Kiwi roading

Gill Prentice
Richard Silcock explores the development and construction of the country’s first roads. WHEN THE FIRST Europeans settled in New Zealand their attention was largely given...

LeTourneau’s LW12 Tournatractor

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LeTourneau was first off the blocks with a wheeled bulldozer, a roadable and manoeuvrable machine suited to many earthmoving jobs. Here we take a closer...

2016 Road Infrastructure Management Forum – new ideas, new connections

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The Road Infrastructure Management Forum has become a must-attend event for the broad roading infrastructure management industry. Contractor magazine was a guest at the 2016...
Contractor Roading

SCRIM trucks: Sharp Eyes on the Road

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The SCRIM trucks were back on our highways over the summer, with the last surveying completed over the lower North and South Island regions in January....
Contractor Network Outcomes Contracts (NOCs) Profile

Dad’s idea – as realised by his son (Chris Olsen)

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The idea of bundling performance contracts had an interesting beginning – it started with a Hutt Valley contractor and his son. By ALAN TITCHALL. TODAY’S...
Contractor Innovations

Smart Shelter equals smart business

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  Ask three different people in the construction sector what comes to mind when they think of Downer and they’ll typically tell you the same...
Contractor Network Outcomes Contracts (NOCs)

Local authorities teaming up with NZTA – how is the NOC model impacting local government?

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  The NZTA’s new NOC model has affected contract work from contractors’ other main source of work – local governments which, around the country, are...