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Caterpillar’s D7 tractor -‘the early years’

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The iconic Caterpillar D7 has been in continuous production in various versions since 1935. It has fought in three major conflicts – WWII, Korea &...
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A concise history of Kiwi roading

Gill Prentice
Richard Silcock explores the development and construction of the country’s first roads. WHEN THE FIRST Europeans settled in New Zealand their attention was largely given...

Iconic viaduct’s $13m revamp

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CHRIS WEBB reviews a sizeable restoration project that has given an old classic and important viaduct a new lease of life.  LOCATED 12 KILOMETRES south...

Runway Innovations

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  Lawrence Schäffler looks back on how the looming threat of WWII kick-started the development of the NZ Air Force’s infrastructure and how a shortage of...

Paying respect to Arnold Downer’s legacy

Vijay Naidu
Of the handful of family names indelibly etched in the history of our civil contracting industry is Downer, founded by engineer Arnold Downer over 80...
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Heritage Trails: Waioeka Gorge

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War made the Waioeka Gorge notorious, but the scenic road through it has made it a drawcard for motorists. Hugh de Lacy tells its story....