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End of a Christchurch icon

Jonathan Whittaker
Holy ground to Cantabrians, Christchurch’s iconic sports stadium Lancaster Park was levelled in the biggest post-earthquake demolition yet. Hugh de Lacy explains. It was a...
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High stakes – are you covered?

Vijay Naidu
THE SKYLINES OF our major cities are dotted with high rise cranes. Major construction works are underway in Auckland. The reconstruction of Christchurch continues and...

The dissolution of SCIRT

Contrafed PUblishing
Just as the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority was disbanded after five years of painstaking reconstruction, so too will SCIRT be dismantled and ‘normality’, of a...
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Worthington Contracting: from strength to strength

Contrafed PUblishing
It’s now a case of where to from here for a small family company that grew rapidly in the aftermath of the Canterbury earthquakes. HUGH...