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Forgotten companies LaPlant-Choate

Forgotten companies: LaPlant-Choate

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LaPlant-Choate is not a well-known name in New Zealand. In fact if you mentioned it to a contractor today he would probably give you a very...
Caterpillar DW10 scraper Scrapers

The Caterpillar DW10 scraper

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The Cat DW10 was the second article of mine that was published in Contractor, in June 2002, and was a single page offering with only...
Classic Machines Tractors

Classic Machines: The Allis-Chalmer’s HD-14 tractor

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The Allis-Chalmers HD-14 was introduced in 1939 and was broadly based on that company’s earlier and very successful Model L and LO gasoline powered crawlers....
Caterpillar Diesel Sixty Tractors

Caterpillar’s Diesel Sixty: A landmark machine

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The Diesel Sixty marked a significant milestone in the development history of the track type tractor in that it was the first such diesel engined...