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Highest bridge required biggest dig

Jonathan Whittaker
The highest bridge to be constructed on the Hamilton section of the Waikato Expressway required 144,000 cubic metres of earth to be excavated beneath it....

Christchurch International Airport – an ongoing story

Gill Prentice
Since its inception in 1936, Christchurch International Airport has been an unfinished project in terms of ongoing development. Richard Silcock traces the history and recent...
Heritage NZ

Manapouri Muscle

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It was possibly the country’s greatest engineering feat, and certainly one of its most profound political milestones. HUGH DE LACY tells the story of the...
Contractor Roads of National Significance

Giant crawler-crane helps construct long bridge

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A giant crawler-crane was used for constructing the longest bridge on the Kapiti Expressway. RICHARD SILCOCK checks out the engineering challenges and some stats on...
C-6 tractor Euclid Track type Tractors

The Euclid C-6 crawler tractor

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Contractor Project

Alice strips down and says farewell

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CHRIS WEBB says farewell to Alice, the tunnelling machine that chewed her way through 800,000 cubic metres of spoil under Auckland and laid more than...