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Classic machines: The Michigan 110-15 scraper

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Clark-Michigan is a name more commonly known to New Zealand contractors for their range of wheel loaders rather than motor scrapers. However the Michigan range...
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Forgotten companies: Tractomotive

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An exceptionally versatile tool, the wheel loader has found a use in all phases of construction as well as quarry and aggregate production, material recycling,...
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Classic Machines: The Hewco LD3 Scoopmobile

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This rather interesting piece of machinery can trace it’s origins through three decades and three countries: the USA, Australia and New Zealand.   By Richard Campbell...
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Classic Machines: The Allis-Chalmers 645 wheel loader

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Notable as Allis-Chambers’ most successful wheel loader, 1000 645s were purchased by the US Military in the mid-1960s and were their standard medium wheel loader...
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Forgotten companies – Hough

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Among the many people who invented iconic, useful and lasting pieces of earthmoving equipment was Frank G. Hough (pronounced “huff”), Richard Campbell explains. Frank Hough...