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John Deere the 5010 scraper

The John Deere 5010 scraper

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Construction technology predictions

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Ryan Kunisch, Director of Global Marketing / Product Management, Trimble. This year technology will continue to provide increased accuracy, flexibility and jobsite safety, while also...
Contractor Heritage Trails

Takaka Hill: The Marble Obstacle

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To the arriving colonists at the top of the South Island, Takaka Hill represented a major obstacle between the cramped and land-hungry settlement of Nelson,...
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Catching up with Joe Edwards

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After many years on the Contractor’s Federation national executive, Joe Edwards made a graceful exit at this year’s CCNZ AGM. He talks to Alan Titchall...
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Women to the rescue

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The critical shortage of skilled truck drivers has been well documented in the news media, but not so well known is an equally threatening shortage...