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REG data quality project

Jonathan Whittaker
At this years’ RIMS conference in Palmerston North, Dawn Inglis spoke on behalf of the Road Efficiency Group (REG) about the need to improve the...

Best road maintenance contract model

Contrafed PUblishing
This article is based on a presentation at the 2016 IPWEA conference by Jamie McPherson, chair of the REG Procurement SubGroup, and Chris Olsen, director,...

Managing road networks

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DR STEVEN FINLAY, MANAGER BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, EQUIP LIMITED PARTNERSHIP LOCAL GOVERNMENT NEW ZEALAND. Last year was significant for strengthening the partnership between councils as road...
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Network Outcomes Contracts: early maintenance and operations model results

Vijay Naidu
Nearly halfway through the roll-out of the NZ Transport Agency’s network outcomes contracts (NOCs), early indications are that the new maintenance and operations approach is...