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Moving made easier – with Wise Move

Helping you save time and money, is the new way to move things from ‘here’ to ‘there’.

From household effects to the boat, the trailer and even the kitchen sink, Wise Move offers simple, straightforward transparency between those who need something picked up or dropped off, and those who can help.

A revolutionary way to get things moved

Wise Move is an online platform transforming how Kiwis get things moved around New Zealand, by providing you with a better comparison of moving services and the ability to get free quotes for a particular delivery request within minutes. Once you fill in the form on the Wise Move website, the request is automatically sent to registered, pre-qualified movers on the site that specifically match your needs.

Free to use, Wise Move also gives people and businesses the opportunity to save on moving and delivery costs, with quotes up to 75% cheaper than standard rates.

Experienced specialists

Whether you’re after a Man with a Van, looking to move offices, need to transport a pet, organise pick up for a TradeMe purchase or shift a motor vehicle, Wise Move has both large national moving companies and smaller, independent operators. And from North to South and everywhere in between, every corner of the country is covered.

Every mover is registered and prequalified – so you can rest assured you will be choosing someone with experience.  And if you require a special set of skills, there are services for that too. For example, if you want to move a boat, the request will be sent to those with the right knowledge and transportation provisions for it. If you want to shift your home contents and don’t want to do the heavy lifting, your request will go to companies that can supply several strong moving people.

Quick results and reviews to match

The whole idea of Wise Move is to make moving things easier, ensuring you can achieve what you need to – at the lowest price and for the least amount of effort. Submit your request, receive a number of quotes, select a company and then the rest is taken care of.

The platform also encourages reviews, to help reassure you that you’ve made the best possible delivery decision. Wise Move currently has 4.9 stars from 604 reviews (and counting) on Google Reviews, with Janna H recently saying, “This is an amazing service. They were so helpful and responsive and the mover I chose was also awesome. I will definitely use this service again.”

So the next time you need something moved, picked up or delivered – check out and see how easy it is for yourself.