Lifting for the America’s Cup

NZ Crane Hire is providing a lift in lead up to America’s Cup as an official Team New Zealand supplier responsible for lifting the race boat in and out of Viaduct Harbour.

The new 75-foot AC75 foiling monohull was lifted into the water for the first time last month with NZ Crane Hire’s Demag AC 250 all-terrain mobile crane.

Managing director Deane Manley says the company has done thousands of large-scale lifts in its 60-year history, but there was added pressure with many eyes watching the launch.

“This boat is precious cargo and carries the hopes of a nation so it is a little different. But essentially cranes are based on simple geometry, so it comes down to careful planning and a high level of skill from our crane drivers to get the job done well.”

Manley says the company will have a crane based permanently at the New Zealand syndicate in the lead up to and during the Cup in 2021.

“It’s going to be a regular job on a tight and busy site so the crane we have down there on an on- going basis will be set up for Team New Zealand’s specific requirements.”

Grant Dalton, CEO Team New Zealand, says the boat weighs 6.5 tonnes and there are difficult winds around the Viaduct so getting the boat in and out of the water as safely and efficiently as possible on a regular basis is key.

“That’s where NZ Crane’s expertise come in,” he says.

The 36th America’s Cup is returning to Auckland’s waterfront in 2021 after Emirates Team New Zealand won the Cup in Bermuda in 2017.

The racing period will take place from March 6-21 and will be a best-of-13, first-to-seven-points series.

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