Volvo at 50

Volvo Construction Equipment, the company that commercially launched the articulated hauler concept in 1966 has released its latest innovation – its H-Series range, which includes its biggest ever production articulated hauler, the 60 ton capacity A60H.

Fifty years ago the Cultural Revolution began in China, England won the World Cup (yes, it was that long ago) and the Rolling Stones were banned from 14 New York hotels, so it was easy to overlook the launch of the Volvo DR631, the first articulated hauler. Essentially a development of an agricultural tractor (which Volvo then made) and a trailer, they were permanently joined via an articulating hitch, and the front axle of the tractor removed. Nicknamed ‘Gravel Charlie’, it may have had only a meagre 10 tonne payload, but it set the stage for greater things to come. Surprisingly though, its popularity grew only slowly to start with, sales in the early years being confined to its home Swedish market.
One of the main reasons for the ongoing popularity of Volvo’s haulers has been the consistent development of the concept, including the addition of a six-wheel drive system. The latest incarnation is the H-Series which is aimed at a growing demand among customers for articulated haulers with larger payloads. The H-Series also welcomes the 55-tonne capacity Volvo A60H to the range – the largest articulated hauler of any brand to hit the market.

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