Projecta battery charger for all types

The variety of different battery types these days includes Deep Cycle, AGM, Gel, Calcium, Marine, Stop/Start and Starting, which may require different battery chargers.

Projecta has developed one battery charger to serve them all, releasing it in the new year.

The new Projecta HDBM4000, eight-stage 6/12/24V 3-40A Workshop Battery Charger caters to all vehicle, equipment and marine battery types in a single unit. Unlike many conventional 40A workshop chargers, the Projecta unit is light and compact while still featuring a tough housing. Once connected to the battery it automatically sets an ideal charge rate (3-40A) which can be manually adjusted.

With multi-chemistry battery selection, including a cold temperature mode, the advanced eight-stage charging programme can help rejuvenate sulphated batteries and remove acid stratification from calcium batteries, ensuring a full charge and optimum battery condition.

In addition to charging functions, it will also analyse overall battery condition, testing charge level and starting capacity, while also checking for alternator faults.

The HDBM4000 also features an engine start mode for batteries that have gone flat, which delivers a short and powerful charge that can have a vehicle ready to start in five minutes, while a ‘showroom mode’ allows the unit to operate silently if charging at night or in a quiet environment.

All functions are controlled via a simple three-button operation, with a large and easy-to-read LCD interface displaying all operational information for the technician to see at a glance

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