Better Big Wipes

A new advanced formula from Big Wipes is said to strip paint, tar and even glue from hands, tools and work surfaces with even more efficiency.

“The new formula has four cleaners and four conditioners that work better than ever, while still remaining gentle on skin,” says Tim Paterson, sales manager for Big Wipes importer and distributor Griffiths Equipment.

“With tighter health and safety regulations on the way, the importance of having clean hands, tools and equipment in the workplace is paramount and Big Wipes is ideal to have at work or in a work vehicle from a compliance viewpoint.”

New Big Wipes 4×4 comes with four skin conditioners – aloe vera, glycerine, lanolin and vitamin E. The cleaning formula is said to be fully biodegradable and complies with all the latest EU Cosmetics Standards and is dermatologically tested, with zero levels of skin irritation recorded.

“Big Wipes is approved for use by people who suffer with dermatitis and has been tested to show 99 percent effectiveness against MRSA, C. Dif, E-Coli 157, Weil’s [from rats], salmonella, staphylococcus and listeria,” says the company.

Industrial-strength Big Wipes are made from a textured, dual-sided fabric. On one side is a Scrub Face to help remove grime faster. This is created by putting the fabric through a second production process to bond heavy-duty fibres to create a super-tough cloth that loosens even the most stubborn products and assists with the removal of drying paints, heavy-duty adhesives and PU foam, which can be the most difficult to shift.

On the flip side of the cloth is a Smooth Face, designed to soak up the muck. It, too, has been subjected to a special treatment process that improves the absorption powers of the fabric, ensuring a super clean finish and better care of sensitive skin.

The new wipes come in a new design container that holds 80 individual wipes retrieved through a pop-top lid.


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