Classic Machines

The Wheel Loader: A useful piece of equipment

When we ask our Contractor readers what they never miss in the magazine- it is the historical projects and Classic Machines which is written by Richard Campbell.

So we have commissioned Richard, the country’s machinery guru, especially to write an extended article on the WHEEL LOADER.

This 18 page special WHEEL LOADER edition an article with selected images that encompasses the history of the loader and the numerous manufacturers involved with its evolution over the past decades.

As a bonus we have included an index of all of Richard’s popular ‘Classic Machinery’ articles published between February 2005 and September 2019.

Our WHEEL LOADER special has been published as a downloadable pdf which is free.

It simply require you to supply us with an email. The file is 108KB(small).

We look forward to your feedback,

The team at Contrafed.

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