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Cost of uncertainty for civil construction

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Alan Pollard, Chief Executive, Civil Contractors New Zealand, explains why infrastructure investment is no longer a choice if we are to remain globally competitive. I...
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Finding out what matters in an election year

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Photo: Night shift installation of tactile warning pavers at Springs Rd bridge splitter island in Christchurch. Works by Artisan Paving NZ and photo by Ezra...

Informing reforms with practical know-how

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Photo: Poppi Tucker-Low of Russell Roads was the Epic Four (CCNZ Contractor Photo Competition) round runner-up with a photo of senior team member Johnny Bristol...

‘I put my all into it’

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CCNZ chief executive, Peter Silcock retired at the end of last year after six-and-a-half years in the job. Richard Silcock (no relation), who interviewed Peter...