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495 Pay-Scraper Pay-Scrapers PayLine Scrapers

International-Harvester’s 495 Pay-Scraper

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A large brute of a motor scraper, the International-Harvester model 495 was the only three-axle, open bowl scraper ever offered by the Company and it...
660 scraper Caterpillar triple axle

Caterpillar’s big three-axle single, the 660 scraper

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With the arrival in New Zealand recently of a Caterpillar 660, the largest of Caterpillar’s single engined scrapers, it’s time we had a look at...
Company Profile

For the good of energy

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This article first appeared in Contractor February 2017. Taranaki company Burgess & Crowley Civil has been providing various aggregate services to the region’s energy industry...
651 scraper Caterpillar dual axle

The Caterpillar 651 scraper

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This month we have a closer look at the largest two-axle, single-engined scraper that Caterpillar has produced so far. by RICHARD CAMPBELL Designed for fleet...