A new road stabilising enzyme from Firmament NZ

FirmaMent is an organic road stabilising enzyme distributed by FirmaMent NZ, which creates a dense road base resistant to water, weathering, erosion and wear.

The road stabilising treatment is environmentally safe and completely harmless to plants, animals and humans, is non-toxic and non-flammable. It is also said to be cost effective, can be laid in all soil types and can also stand up to the punishment of heavy machinery.

As a product FirmaMent is used in the USA, Asia and New Zealand to create low maintenance sustainable roads that can stand up equally well to snowy winters and baking heat.

Pictured is the product being used on a quarry road near Havelock with HEB project engineer Shane Nicholls and HEB pavement manager Kenny Growden inspecting the works.

More information on road stabilising :

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