Binding the metal with a simple solution

In an effort to reduce maintenance costs and extend road budgets, councils and road contractors are turning to a technologically-advanced binding agent called PolyCom Stabilising Aid.

PolyCom Stabilising Aid is a high-performing road stabilisation product with applications for sealed and unsealed road construction and maintenance, mining/forestry haul road maintenance, transport hardstands, embankment stabilisation and general earthworks.

The innovative binding agent has a pronounced effect on the behaviour of the in-situ materials, producing a stronger, more water-resistant pavement. By reducing the penetration of water into the pavement, the road maintains shape and strength, and resists potholing and corrugation.

The result is a reduction in maintenance requirements, which in turn mitigates the need to truck in expensive gravel for remediation work. After factoring PolyCom into their unsealed road maintenance schedule, many councils report a reduction in maintenance by up to six times.

PolyCom binds the in-situ materials, creating a tightly bound pavement that lasts longer.

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