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Hitachi ZW-5 wheel loaders hit NZ

Hitachi ZW-5 Wheel Loaders
This article first appeared in Contractor March 2017.

With lower fuel consumption, increased productivity and enhanced maneuverability, operator comfort and safety, there is plenty to get excited about with the imminent New Zealand release of the new generation Hitachi ZW-5 Wheel Loader range.

To celebrate, CablePrice will launch two of the new machines in early March at THE EXPO, Mystery Creek, Hamilton.  The two new Wheel Loaders on show there will include a forestry specific ZW310-5 that has been set up with Ensign Log forks as well as a ZW180-5 that is ideally suited for the New Zealand construction and quarrying sectors.

“We are excited to launch this highly productive and versatile new Hitachi line-up,” says Alex Kelly, National Equipment sales manager for CablePrice NZ.

“These loaders have been developed in response to customer requirements for high productivity, lower fuel consumption and a low total cost of ownership.”

The new Hitachi ZW-5 Wheel Loader range is suitable for a very extensive range of applications in the construction, forestry, agriculture, mining and quarrying industries.

“These -5 machines have already been in operation in Australia for over a year, where they have proven to be very reliable workhorses, particularly in the forestry and construction industries,” says Alex.

The extensive range offering of nine models starts with the ZW140-5 through to the impressive 47 ton ZW550-5, all of which are equipped with powerful engines that deliver very strong breakout performance and are capable of impressive travel speeds.

The machines come with two work modes (Standard and Power) that provide flexibility when performing particular tasks while ensuring that low fuel consumption and maximum productivity isn’t compromised. A quick power switch can be selected by the operator to boost power when required.

Additional fuel savings can be achieved with an optional auto-engine shutdown function that avoids fuel consumption when the machine is idling excessively. The ECO monitor display also shows the operator when the wheel loader is operating economically in ECO mode.

Alex says operator comfort and safety has been carefully considered in the new range, with several modifications made to the wheel loaders’ already spacious cab.

“The heated air suspension seat can slide further back creating more leg room and the tilting telescopic pop-up steering column has also been repositioned to create additional space.”

Other cab comforts include an MP3 input and holder, a cooler/heated box as well as a drink and lunch box holder. Temperature in the cab is regulated with effective air conditioning, and noise levels are reduced thanks to a high level of sound insulation. A double air conditioner filter protects the driver when working in potentially hazardous environments such as indoor disposal facilities or where there is dust or industrial waste.

Good forward, side and rearward visibility is also critical for site safety, and the new Hitachi ZW-5 wheel loaders tick all the boxes, says Alex.

“The pillar-less front windshield combined with the large sun visor that can effectively block the sun’s glare creates excellent forward visibility, whilst the rear-view camera automatically displays when reverse is selected which allows the operator to see right behind the machine.

“The rear counterweight is also visible from both sides of the machine.”

Automatic gearshift controls in the new generation machines have improved maneuverability around the job site with a feature of the new automatic transmission being an automatic shift up delay of four seconds from second to third gear.

“The shift changes on the Hitachi ZW-5 are based on engine load rather than RPM or speed, ensuring the transmission shifts are made at the most efficient time,” says Alex.

“This creates efficiencies when it comes to digging work, truck loading and working in confined spaces.”

A new clutch cut-off system controls clutch disconnection timing depending on travel speed and brake pedal depression with three modes available depending on the slope of the job site.  Three models ZW140-5, ZW370-5 and ZW550-5 also have a Traction Control System that prevents slippage in snow, slippery or muddy conditions by reducing the maximum rim pull.

Quick routine maintenance is also a breeze thanks to a variety of features incorporated into the ZW-5 range design.

“The redesigned engine and radiator cover can be opened fully, providing quick and convenient access, with greasing points, oil levels and fuel filters all easily accessed at ground level,” says Alex.

“This allows the operator to maintain the machine quickly and easily on a daily basis.”

The CablePrice team is looking forward to getting the new Hitachi wheel loaders around the country, he adds.

“We expect to have a lot of interest in the two new demonstrator models at THE EXPO and invite any interested customers to contact their local CablePrice sales representative to discuss a machine demonstration.”

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