Upgraded road management solution in New Zealand

Soil stabilising has received a much needed upgrade, with some local New Zealand councils embracing a smarter, more efficient approach to road maintenance and construction.

In the past, many unsealed roads were graded several times per year to maintain pavements to required intervention levels.

Now, progressive councils apply PolyCom Stabilising Aid to the in-situ materials during unsealed road maintenance, to create a smoother, tighter pavement that lasts up to six times longer before requiring intervention.

Using PolyCom to treat the existing road materials markedly reduces the need to import new gravel, and is a simple process of adding the innovative polymer binder during a maintenance grade in almost any material, including high PI materials. Works methodology is rip and re-compact using councils’ existing road plant of a grader, water-cart and roller.

The reduction in ongoing maintenance costs leads to significant financial savings.

Since winning the Australian Banksia Awards and Premier’s Sustainability Awards in 2014, there has been unprecedented interest in PolyCom from Australian and New Zealand councils open to more sustainable strategies in infrastructure management.

The PolyCom system is a proven method of improving sealed and unsealed road performance, with the added bonus of a noticeable boost to the triple bottom line.

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