Lube Shuttle’s improved greasing system

Lube Shuttle is said to be an innovative and simple system that improves the efficiency of greasing operations, saving money and time.

Conventional grease cartridges often have grease left that is unreachable. The Lube Shuttle avoids wastage by delivering all the grease in the gun. Plus the open bottom cavity enables the user to see what quantity of grease is left in the tube.

Lube Shuttle is a one handed pistol-grip type gun and is manufactured with a zinc plated steel barrel and a solid cast iron head. When used with the ridged grease pipe and coupler, lubrication is hassle free. Loading could not be easier – just unscrew the cap, insert into the gun and twist to lock – no need to pull open tabs or mess around with plungers.

Oil Imports’ technical support manager Bob Foothead, says the response to the Lube Shuttle on the factory floor has been incredible. “We have had feedback that the Lube Shuttle not only is a more hygienic way of greasing, it’s more economical as it uses every drop. The one handed operation makes those difficult to reach areas easier for the operator to grease.

For standard automotive lubrication (including offroad equipment) a Ceran XM 220 can in most instances replace a lithium complex grease being used for the similar application.

Ceran XM 220, is a new generation calcium sulphonate complex grease, with enhanced load carrying capacity as well as very good pumpability, coupled with the excellent anticorrosion properties you would expect from a calcium sulphonate grease operating in wet conditions.

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