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John Deere K-Series wheel loaders

Unsurpassed performance from the US

[quote_left author=””]John Deere 744K Wheel Loader is a serious contender in the construction and quarry markets and CablePrice explains why.[/quote_left]

IT’S RUGGED, comfortable and offers serious productivity and reliability right up there with other top brands. So it is little wonder that the John Deere 744K Wheel Loader is fast becoming recognised as a serious contender in the construction and quarry markets, says Riki Corley, CablePrice’s John Deere product manager.

“People usually associate the John Deere brand with either tractors or forestry machines. However overseas it has always been a different story, with John Deere loader popularity ranking very highly in both Europe and the USA.” John Deere wheel loaders might not be as well known here yet, but performance-wise its range of models including the 744K, are right up there, he adds. “Fuel efficiency, performance and reliability are the big three. These machines have unsurpassed power-train and hydraulic performance, and impressive torque reserves which help to maintain good boom and bucket speed in and out of the pile. They handle heaped loads with ease, even wet or hard-packed material. We think they’re a great option for quarrying and construction applications.”

The 744K was recently put through its paces at a number of quarries throughout the country where feedback was exceptional with, “no one disappointed and everyone impressed with the performance of the machine”, says CablePrice national sales manager equipment, Alex Kelly

“They all commented on the good pushing power and stability, its great user-friendly technology, operator comforts and usability.” Alex says the 744K has also been trialled in a variety of other applications such as yards, building a new road of national significance, and even constructing a new golf course. “All of the operators gave us almost identical feedback, mentioning its impressive breakout force; how well set up and comfortable the cab was, and how great the ride control was.

“In fact it wasn’t easy getting the operators out of the machine when the trial period was over.”

One impressed operator, Vaughan Goodman from Goodman Contractors, confirms this, stating the machine is; “a very smooth and powerful loader, with great traction control” while, “it handled its bucket capacity easily.”

CablePrice released the K-Series wheel loaders around three years ago after numerous improvements were made by John Deere following recommendations from a Customer Advocate Group aimed at increasing productivity and uptime while lowering daily operating costs. These included an enlarged cab, redesigned cooling system, enhanced hydraulics, refined ergonomics and more optional extras. Operator comfort is paramount in the latest K-Series design, with extra legroom in the quieter, more spacious cab; expansive tinted front glass and low-profile console providing a clear view of the work area.

An enhanced multifunction monitor displays operating and diagnostic information gathered by the JDLinkTM Ultimate fleet management system that comes standard on all K-Series loaders from CablePrice. “This system gives owners 24-hour online access to the machine, including via tablet and smartphones allowing them to track things like location, fuel consumption and production. It is especially handy for making comparisons between a bigger fleet of three or four loaders,” says Riki Corley.

With its clients’ permission, CablePrice can also use the JDLink infrastructure for additional remote fault diagnosis, assisting the CablePrice service technician to bring parts first time without the need of a diagnostic trip.

Riki says: “In addition to the list of standard features including ride control, boom height kick-out, return-to-dig and return-to-carry, we’ve also added a few extra premium features to the demonstration unit such as auto diff lock, optional joystick steering, full front and rear mudguards, auto-grease system, rear camera with rear object detection, and tyre pressure monitoring.”

CablePrice has also fitted this machine with a high-end version of Loadrite pay scales which has an attached printer and download capability, providing instant results on its daily performance.

Operator safety has been enhanced with the addition of a full high performance LED light package which is so effective at lighting up a work site at night, it is almost like working in daylight, says Riki.

“This system also has a courtesy light feature, which stays on for up to a minute when the machine is turned off. This gives operators time to get safely from the loader to their car if they finish work in the dark.” Riki says CablePrice is getting some good traction in the quarrying and construction sectors with the John Deere wheel loaders as more customers are prepared to give them a crack.

“We now have a number of K-series wheel loaders working in a number of different industries around the country, from general construction to quarrying and forestry.

“The feedback is very positive, with those who have taken them on, extremely happy.”

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