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Classic Machines: The LaPlant-Choate TS-300 motor scraper

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LaPlant-Choate’s TS-300 owes its origins to a design formulated prior to World War 2. The TS-300 was LaPlant-Choate’s first motor scraper and despite being taken...
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Classic Machines: The Vickers VR180, Vigor & Vikon track type tractors

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There are three machines which seem to have acquired mystical status for fans of earthmoving equipment in New Zealand – The Euclid TC-12,  Euclid 16TDT,...
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Classic Machines: The International-Harvester E200 elevating scraper

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The International Harvester E200 – A new look We last had an overview of the International Harvester E200 back in 2007, and a considerable amount...