The 2017 Z People Award Winners

The Z People Awards were developed by CCNZ with support and sponsorship from Z, to recognise the outstanding achievements of individuals within the civil construction industry.

Z People Award for Emerging Leader

Joint Winners: Sean Walsh & Harley Haywood

Sean’s citation

A qualified civil engineer, Sean joined the Isaac Construction division in early 2015 as a project engineer. Since then, his natural ability in the planning, leadership of

Sean Walsh
people and care for all stakeholders has allowed Sean to exceed industry standards in the delivery of two key successive CBD roading projects for the Christchurch City Council (CCC).

These two projects then directly contributed to Isaac Construction being selected as a Tier 1 Contractor for the CCC in the Major Cycle Routes (MCR) five-year programme with an expected spend of over $200 million.

Sean is now seen as a senior project manager and right-hand man to our construction manager. He coordinates all of Isaac’s involvements in the MCR programme, which is now a major secured source of work for Isaac Construction over the next five years given that the first project, now nearing completion, has run so well.

Sean says going forward, the workload is expected to double and triple on these cycle routes in six and 12 months respectively, and he has successfully promoted a vision to the company CEO for how Isaac should structure that.

“I would like to be the overall programme manager for major cycle route projects with Isaac’s supervisor Jake Isaac MacGregor as my assistant, and have two to three young project managers and supervisors under us that we would mentor. Jake and I have built a strong culture on this project of doing things well, keeping a very tidy site, maintaining high productivity and good team morale.

“We hope to use this great culture as a testing and training ground for new and current employees to encourage growth and the Isaac core values to everyone who works on our projects.”

Harley’s citation

Managing director/contracts manager/quantity surveyor Utilities Infrastructure NZ

Harley Haywood
Harley always knew where he wanted to end up and at 16 he was given his first job as a directional driller.

In the years to follow Harley pursued his passion and gained invaluable experience both in NZ and internationally while working for local councils and the larger construction companies throughout Australia. During this time Harley applied his experience and knowledge and became a drilling supervisor at the age of 20. He continued to follow his dream and through hard work, commitment and determination Harley began his own pipeline company Utilities Infrastructure.

Highly experienced at many aspects of the field, he works both on-site and internally within the company and has gained key leadership skills that are the reason for his success.

“I pride myself on creating an environment in which others enjoy being involved in. My character and personal attributes influence others to see me as a leader who delivers success.

“Sharing knowledge, skill and experience between our team gives us the ability to offer solutions as well as create new procedures in the day-to-day operation of the company.

“Every member of the team is crucial to the success of any project and is always given the recognition which is deserved. I have found that when individuals are appreciated they will always do more than what’s expected.”


Z People Award for Training Development

Winner: Liam Woodmass

Renewals Engineer, Waikato District Alliance

Liam Woodmass
Liam began working for Downer in 2010 as a labourer in the Hamilton asphalt crew during the Christmas break during his music studies.

Within a week, he was placed in the asphalt paving crew as the paving machine operator under direct supervision of the foreman and stayed in this role for the next two years after deciding to no longer pursue music as a career.

“In that time I gained my wheels, tracks and rollers endorsements, a class 2 licence, received first aid and basic bitumen safety training and completed the National Certificate in Paving (Application) all while gaining practical skills. I then moved into a quality assurance role where I further developed my knowledge of asphalt surfacing.

“In 2013 I joined the Downer cadet programme and spent the next four years rotating through various departments while studying part time.

“In January this year, I was awarded the Renewals Engineer position within the Waikato District Alliance.”

Being part of the Downer Cadet Programme, the early stages of Liam’s training was planned as all cadets are enrolled in the National Diploma in Engineering (Civil), partake in rotations spanning four years through various Downer departments and are assigned a mentor.

“Towards the end of my cadetship, I was given the opportunity to select rotations which aligned with my study content and which also gave me the necessary skills to apply for the role I desired.”


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