Constructing Waterview- a digital diary


Since late 2011, when construction of the Waterview Connection Tunnel began, film footage and photographs of the tunneling have been widely circulated through media channels. It’s been absorbing watching time-lapse clips on YouTube, for instance of Alice TBM being turned at the Project’s half-way mark, and learning about how slurry is disposed. It’s the still images however that succeed in portraying the sheer scale and complexity of this project.


Jeff Smith, an Auckland-based photographer who specializes in photographing construction machinery and projects, was engaged by the Waterview Construction Alliance last year to capture the work in progress.

Smith had initially approached the Alliance with a request back in 2012. His enthusiasm for documenting what he described as ‘an engineering marvel’ culminated in a site visit in early 2014.  If you would like to view more of this images click through here.



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