Mamma mia – Jeep falls into Italian hands

It must be sheer humiliation for diedin-the-wool followers of the traditions of Uncle Sam. Maybe that should be died-in-the-bourbon. The Jeep Cherokee is being Italianised. Italy’s Fiat/ Alfa Romeo rescued Jeep and other Chrysler brands during the GFC and the Italians now call the shots. The next Jeep Cherokee will be on an Alfa Romeo Guilietta platform. This means the engine will sit east west, not north south the way the gum chewers have been used to for decades. At least one of the several engines on offer will be a Fiat/Alfa unit. The transmission will also be from a European supplier. It sounds a bit like retribution. America stole pizza and made it its own. Now the excitable ones have commandeered Jeep. Sometimes you wonder if the Second World War is still going.

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