Going electric? – I don’t think so

The innovative American designer and builder of upmarket electric cars, Tesla, started with sports cars, but has now branched into luxury limos. I recently test drove one of these electric sports cars in Auckland and it certainly had a lot of go. The limo, known as the Model S, has not yet been offered for test drive in New Zealand. But the Green Party reckons it should be bought by the Government to replace the 34 big BMW 7 Series diesel limos that are used to carry Ministers and VIPs. Can’t see it myself. The maximum range the Tesla’s batteries will allow is about 400 kilometres, which means that in a hard working week it would have to be recharged several times, which takes time. Also, there is no Kiwi importer or distributor to back it. But since when did practical and real-world considerations ever bother the Greens?

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