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Euclid Scrapers SS-40 scraper triple axle

The Euclid SS-40 scraper

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The 1960s were the halcyon days of big motor scrapers. Most of the large equipment manufacturers had a machine in their sales catalogue with a...
660 scraper Caterpillar triple axle

Caterpillar’s big three-axle single, the 660 scraper

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With the arrival in New Zealand recently of a Caterpillar 660, the largest of Caterpillar’s single engined scrapers, it’s time we had a look at...
630A scraper cable-operated Caterpillar Scrapers triple axle

The Caterpillar 630A scraper

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Although the Cat 630A was a significant improvement on its predecessor, it didn’t have hydraulic controls and was soon surpassed by the 630B.   By Richard...
Caterpillar DW15 scraper Scrapers triple axle

The Caterpillar DW15 scraper

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