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The Terex 82-20 crawler tractor

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Smallest of all the production Terex track type tractors, the 82-20 was designed to expand Terex’s market share of the crawler tractor business and take...
Elevating scraperTerex

Classic Machines: The Terex S-23E elevating scraper

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Classic MachinesScrapers

Classic Machines: The International Harvester 270 PayScraper

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Ten years ago, when I first wrote about the International 270 PayScraper (Contractor, September 2005), the article was heavily abridged to fit available publishing space. Also,...

We shall not forget: the Kiwi pioneers and engineers on The Western Front

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Many Kiwi engineers and civil construction workers were the backbone of the New Zealand forces in WW1. They included such industry-making figures as Arnold Downer,...

Runway Innovations

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  Lawrence Schäffler looks back on how the looming threat of WWII kick-started the development of the NZ Air Force’s infrastructure and how a shortage of...
CaterpillarDiesel SixtyTractors

Caterpillar’s Diesel Sixty: A landmark machine

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The Diesel Sixty marked a significant milestone in the development history of the track type tractor in that it was the first such diesel engined...

Hancock’s elevating scraper pioneer

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Many of the machines used in earthmoving today were born out of the need for a specific tool to carry out a local task. Necessity...

The International-Harvester TD-18 tractor

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International introduced the model TD-18 track type tractor in 1938, primarily aimed at the growing construction market. Initially known as the TD-65, the machine’s designation...
Classic MachinesScrapers

Classic Machines: The Le Tourneau-Westinghouse C-500 motor scraper

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Earthmoving equipment manufacturers are constantly modifying and improving their machines to make them perform better. Some of these modifications are beneficial, others open to question, but...